Cognitive disruption card games and agile requirements

A tool for improving existing process

A typical agile process has an action called detailed planning. A handful of requirements that are thought through, broken down and estimated before being written up into an application lifecycle management system. At the start of the planning meeting, set some time aside, an hour is good,  to break old habits and promote fresh thinking

Cognitive Disruption Poker needs nothing more than a  standard 52 card playing card deck. You do not need much if anything else apart from a notepad and pen

A different way to collaborate

Take all the requirements for the iteration and lay them out on the table. The requirements are the starting point for where to look for good hands to play. The idea of the game is to discover and then improve ideas on how to meet those requirements. You can’t play a hand that simply says ‘ I agree with the person to my left’, you have to improve or better the idea.

Print out or whiteboard the description of the suits.

User Experience – How well the users and customers engage with the product

Platform – The logical nuts and bolts that the product is built on

Trustworthiness – Application security, safety and reliability

Commercial – Marketability, return on investment and profitability.

If you have lots of willing volunteers to be first blind deal a card each and let the highest go first, the ‘blind’ and the lowest deal first. Here is an example hand you can join in with

The requirements are simple enough.

Create a mobile version of DataLists v2 with the following features

* Must allow column by column sorting
* Must have search facility
* Must have column reordering
* Must have export to csv


Biff is in the big blind with 5h4c and starts with
5h = We implement one of those ‘pull down to refresh’ widgets but use it to ‘pull down to sort’
4c = We use the jquery widget framework as the platform to build it on.

Can you play and of the cards available? To play comment with your hand at the bottom or on linkedin etc.